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Orchid U Not
Chandara P.
Easy to use, smells great, no developer needed!

I received this product for free for testing purposes and I have to say I love how my hair color turned out. My hair turned out the perfect shade of purple. It makes my hair feel super soft, and I didn’t need to add a deep conditioner after because this has it already. All I had to do was let this sit, (no developer needed) and wash in cool water and dry. Very simple to use and definitely recommend for all my friends.

On the fence!!! Merlot

I received this product for free for testing and this js my honest review.
The hair color smelt so good but i was a little disappointed as i thought i would get a sharper color as my hair was already light colored so i didnt think i needed the highlighter kit.
And washing it was a hassle as the color wont stop running.
Overall it is okay, i may try a different color or maybe use the highlighter kit first.

Light Me Up Lightening Kit
Tabatha Marshall
Lightening kit

StrawberryLeopard #StrawberryLeopardHair #BeRare #contest @StrawberryLeopardHair @Influenster. "I received these products for free from Influenster and Strawberry Leopard in exchange for my honest review." I think it works ok however there is not enough product for someone with a lot of hair or long hair

Liz M.
Pretty color, not so pretty smell

I received the product for free for testing purposes from Influenster.
I purchased the Grapeful and Merlot colors. I was going to mix the two colors, because I was worried that the Merlot was going to come out too red. But after doing a strand test, there wasn't much of a difference when combining the colors, so I went with straight Merlot. I have dark brown hair, and did not lighten my hair before using this product. The Merlot got my hair to a perfect burgundy color. It did also condition my hair, as advertised.
The smell of this product isn't great. They're trying to mimick the fruity scent of Arctic Fox, and they did not succeed. I actually really disliked the smell that this product left on my hair.
For all of the reviews talking about staining, these are EXTREME colors. You have to use precautions, and the directions even warn you as such. If you've ever used any extreme color, (Arctic Fox, Manic Panic, Splat, etc.), you should be aware of how these colors work. If you're new to extreme coloring, READ THE DIRECTIONS. Yes, it stained my sink and my bathtub. I have no doubt that I'll be able to get it out, just like any other dye. Yes, it stained my skin. I was actually shocked at how easily it wiped off of my skin. I've never used a dye that cleaned off so easily. There was no unusual staining of my entire body when rinsing my hair. Yes, it will stain your clothing, pillowcases, hair ties, etc., if your hair gets wet. It's a semi-permanent dye. It is always washing out and fading. Hot water fades the color. Hot appliances fade the color. This is basic stuff.
For the most part, the complaints in the reviews seem to be from people inexperienced with this kind of product. Use it how it's intended, and you won't have an issue. I still don't like the smell though.

Orchid U Not
So pretty!

I received this hair dye for free via Influenster cashback campaign in exchange for an honest opinion.
I used their lightening kit, and two days later followed by the hair dye. I applied it directly on my dry hair and left on for an hour. The result is beautiful! I really like it and my hair isn't damaged at all. I'm not sure how the color would stay after a wash though. Just so excited to share my experience that I finally got to have the purple hair foe the first time ever!
#StrawberryLeopard #StrawberryLeopardHair #BeRare #contest @StrawberryLeopardHair @Influenster

Impressive and definitely worth checking out!!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

This stuff is INTENSE! I was excited to try it but unsure if it would work on me. I have black hair with honey highlights... I figured it would atleast show on my highlights.

Well, it did more than that. It actually tuned my black hair as well!! The highlights came out bright and vivid. Such a fun change and way more than I expected.

It was relatively easy... although somewhat messy. Do wear gloves and use small sections in order to have better control.

Definitely recommend giving this a try!!

Side note: I mixed Foxy and Merlot together and it turned out true to their color chart on the honey type hair! (Tried to upload a pic but it wouldn't let me :-/)

Alexis Williams

Looks so vibrid can’t wait to try it! Love dying my hair fun colors!!

Orchid U Not
Easy To Follow Instructions On Bottle

Received product free from Influenster. Easy to follow instructions on the back of the bottle. After using this my hair felt completely natural and I loved how it didn't stick. It lasted longer then I intended it to but that's ok.

Works as expected

I usually just use the generic bleach and developer , however I received this from Influenster for my opinion. Love that it came with the cap and gloves and brush , that’s a perk. Lightened like all bleach has , not overly drying nor odiferous. I will say my one star deduction was because I wish it came with more. Thankfully I was only doing my roots, however if you have mid back length hair like I do, it would take 2-3 of these kits. Also, I rarely use a cap as it’s such a hassle to get your hair through if it’s long like mine !

Made You Blush
Amanda Keiter
Smells amazing

Received this from Influenster … and So I wanted a purple hue, mixed this made you blush with grapeful and got this beautiful rich purple coloring. I used their lightening kit to touch up my roots as I’ve already had bleached hair for a while now. First off, this smells AMAZING! I didn’t get any super dry affect and honestly whenever you go vivid, you will have fallout ! Your shower looks like unicorns were slayed, but it’s so worth it. Color lasts 2 months for me before it really faded to a pink! Overall a great product ! Wear gloves and do not apply near anything you are worried about staining ! Also, be sure to put Vaseline around your hair line to save from a week of a purple ring around your face and neck!

Light Me Up Lightening Kit
Candice Williams
Lightened me up!

I received this product for free for my honest review. So besides running out and having to use a box dye to finish off two small sections, which isn’t the dyes fault more mine. I’d definitely recommend two boxes for long hair. This was my first time using a lightening kit & it was very easy and lifted my medium brown hair to the exact level I wanted.

Made You Blush
Candice Williams
Made Me Blush

I received this product for free for my honest review. Love my new look. Love how this product actually smelled like strawberry’s also. My hair was smelling like a strawberry for about two showers. I would say the color isn’t as intense & fades quickly. Easy to apply thou. Also this product only dyed where I bleached and not my medium brown hair. Definitely recommend if you want something fast and temporary. Love how pink and cute my hair is. Ready for another shade.

Nancy Morfin
Loved the way the color turned out

I had the opportunity to try this out for influenster and I'm so thrilled. I loved the color my hair turned out and the fact that my hair doesn't just look awesome but feels great too. It didn't damage my hair and it left it feeling smooth and soft.

I love this

I have received this product for free for my honest review. I used this to light my hair before I applied the purple by the same brand. It was so nice when I got done I wanted to keep it light blonde. This kit is very easy to use, and a quick process. I did feel a little tingling, like an itchy feeling,but it slowly went ahead. Overall this kit works and it’s great.

Orchid U Not
Anna Wright
Really nice

I got the orchid u not and the light me up lightening kit. Works well with the bleach. I got the color I was expecting. It seems like it was pigmented enough to last a while. I will purchase again, depending on how long it lasts.


I have received this product for free for my honest opinion. I love love this hair color. It’s simply such a vibrant and beautiful color. My hair was previously light brown so I had to use the lightning kit to get my hair blonde; it was so nice that I wanted to keep blonde for a few days. But I went ahead and applied the purple, it’s so cute I get compliments everywhere I go. It’s a very easy process and I would definitely recommend this. They’ll be my go to from now on.
- this is my second review because my first one weren’t posted.

Works great

I was given the opportunity to try this for free for my honest review through Influenster and Strawberry Leopard.
This lightening kit worked so well. I was able to use purple color over it and it helped the color pop. The lightening kit worked so well for my hair. I have dark brown hair and it lightened it up a lot.

Gentle on hair and scalp. Bleached dark hair well.

I received Lightening Kit free of charge in an Influenster cashback campaign in exchange for an honest review. The kit comes with everything you'd need to lighten your hair except for ta mixing bowl. It effectively lightened my dark, Asian hair to orange-gold to yellow-gold color. I reckon I need another round of bleaching to get the results I really want. I like the formula - easy on my hair, scalp, and nearly odor-free.

Miranda Cochran
Love this color

Tried this color back in october to spice up my already orange hair and it came out a beautiful reddish orange and I loved it and the smell of it reminded me of tangerine oranges it made my hair really soft definitely recommend this color absolutely beautiful

Love this shade!

I love this shade of purple!! I had a hard time picking a color and will definitely try the others. This purple is bright and long lasting. Love it, so fun for a little flair!

Get at least two kits if you have a lot of hair

I was given the opportunity to try this for free for my honest review through Influenster and Strawberry Leopard. I have a lot of hair and I knew that this wouldn't cover everything so I sectioned my hair and just did the underside. This lifted my dark brown hair to nearly platinum without damaging my hair within an hour. I wish it had more product, but I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Jennifer Smith
Vibrant color

I was given the opportunity to try this for free for my honest review through Influenster. I have a lot of hair so I was worried this wouldn't cover all of it, but one bottle covered my entire head no problem. The color is highly pigmented and very vibrant. I used the Strawberry Leopard bleach kit first to ensure the color would saturate my hair. This color is a little bit cooler toned than I would've liked, but I still love the color and I'm very satisfied with how it came out.

Paige Harms
100% Stain Free Rinse Out!!!

First of all, the dye smells absolutely amazing, which is a refreshing change. Also, when I rinsed the dye out with cold water, not one single drop of color came out. It was completely clear! I've used a lot of at home dye & that was a first. It left my hair feeling soft & conditioned as well, even though I didn't even shampoo it! I'll have to see how well the color holds up, but right now I'm very pleased!!!

Orchid U Not
Francesca f

I received this strawberry leopard hair dye for free in exchange for my honest review and honestly I love it. Strawberry Leopard hair dye is amazing. So many different eccentric colors to choose from, and they have a vivid application. The purple is semi permanent but lasted longer then expected before my next touch up was needed. This is my new brand of hair color for life

Blue Steel
Brownchic G
liked it, will try again

Used this company's product first time. Tried blue steel and tested on lower part of the hair to experiment. Result seems to be good. Although tone of color is on lighter side as compared to expectation. Hence 4 stars, otherwise easy to apply and gives results in 30 mins.